Unism studio is a collaborative design studio based in London, founded by Artur Zakrzewski and Konrad Weka during summer of 2017. So far we collaborated with: Kornelia Kielbasa, Benoit Capel, Diego Pepin and Anthony Karkan.


Unism Studio was founded by two architectural students from London - Artur Zakrzewski from the Bartlett School of Architecture and Konrad Weka from the Architectural Association. Their mutual interests lie in the application of digital technologies to traditional forms and analog sculptural methods of fabrication using the latest technologies in creating spaces that build unity with the surrounding space and create interpersonal interactions between an architecture and the user. They believe that an architect of 21st century should not only be fluent at using digital software but also a specialist at analogue methods of making. Levitating Theatre is an embodiment of this as a self-build project.