#HaggerstonBeacon | Interactive Installation

#HaggerstonBeacon | Interactive Installation

An annual competition to design and build an experimental structure for an evolving series of installations on public display at Columbia and Brunswick Wharf on the Regent’s canal at Haggerston.


Beacon is simply a device that uses light as information to attract attention to a specific location hence historically it has been used to navigate to a safe destination, to warn from danger and to celebrate events. In today’s world the size of this device has shrunk from a monumental tower to a smartphone, capable of sending information globally and as a result, the role of analogue information becomes purely symbolic. We believe that a beacon of the 21st century transforms digital data into physical representation in the form of light and smoke.

Social media are our main communication tools used widely to actively engage and participate in the society. These platforms nowadays play a vital role in notifying people about important events that happen in their city or neighbourhood, the amount of hashtags, likes and followers becomes the indicator of popularity.

We propose an interactive installation made of hundred lights, each representing a single like under a social media post. By engaging people with the visible output of the beacon, the event becomes a process of reaching desirable amount of likes, #HaggerstonBeacon becomes a light performance showing the popularity of the event. When the post reaches symbolic hundred likes the audience are presented with a final spectacle using a smoke as a medium to mark the beginning of the event.

1 like = 1 light

Unism Studio - Haggerston Beacon - Concept Diagram.jpg

Concept section combining the smoke of a chimney with light of a lighthouse into a singular form

Unism Studio - Levitating Theatre - Photo Day 4.jpg

Each element consists of a light panel and a ventilation tube all connected into a master chamber

View accross the canal


Project credits:

Location: London, UK

Client: Antepavilion

Year: March 2019

Status: Idea

Program: Interactive Sculpture

Team: Artur Zakrzewski, Konrad Weka

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